Dungeon World: Vancomancer Playbook

In ages gone a thousand spells were known to sorcery, and the wizards effected their wills. Today, as Earth dies, a hundred spell remain to man’s knowledge, and these have come to us through the ancient books.

-The Dying Earth, Chapter 1

My Vancomancer playbook (for Dungeon World) is now for sale on Drivethrurpg, so go buy it. Buy it and love it.

The Vancomancer is a wizard that is more in line with what you would expect from Jack Vance's The Dying Earth; there is no daily limitation on magic, you can cast spells right out of your book (if you have enough time), and the spells do not have levels.

Those are not the only ways in which it differs from the standard wizard, though: the advanced moves let you do stuff like grow minions in flesh vats, improve upon your manse, impress people with your magic, summon and bind sandestins, create magic items, and so on.

I have also setup a kind of feedback form, which will hopefully make it easier to track what people like and dislike, as well as make changes and correct any issues.


  1. Now i have to get a international credcard...

  2. Replies
    1. I tried, and get denied, and only god knows why. Maybe my friend can buy for me, he have a international credicard.


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