Super Dungeon Explore: Captain R's Skeleton Crew

I picked up Captain R a few weeks ago off eBay, which is a neat mini-boss that can not only spawn with a Treasure card attached, but he can also spend Action Points to attach Loot cards like a hero. As an added bonus he is also a skeleton and a pirate.

I wanted to do a kind of "themed" game, and while there are plenty of skeletons to be had in Von Drakk Manor we are still stuck with the default set of tiles until The Forgotten King is released (first quarter of this year!), so I scribbled up a pair of "tiles" on one of my wet-erase mats: some islands linked by wooden planks, and a simple cave.
  • Heroes Hearthsworn Fighter, Nyan Nyan
  • Mini-Boss Captain R
  • Spawn Points Shallow Grave (2)
The islands impeded the Hearthsworn Fighter, but Nyan Nyan's pounce ability easily allowed her to hop around and tear the undead apart. Despite never destroying either spawn points the heroes thoroughly wiped the floor with Captain R, which I attributed to a combination of the Hearthsworn Fighter gaining Treasure and Loot cards to the tune of +2 Red and +3 Blue to Attack, while Captain R's Treasure and Loot draws exclusively--and insanely--boosted his Will; going first is all well and good...except if you cannot actually hit anyone.

Anyway I think I am going to do this more often. It was pretty fun playing the game on some fresh terrain, and I might even break out my Dungeon Tiles to do some map building. Well, at least until The Forgotten King comes out; I am in the playtest and the new tiles look pretty rad.


  1. truly excellent... and a very cool site.

  2. @Stephen: Thanks for stopping by! We occasionally do hangout games if you ever wanna get in on that. We're definitely doing something when we get The Forgotten King (any day now...I think).

  3. Thank you very much David, I will be sure to check back here often. Most inspiring :)))

  4. I'ma add you on G+, so when we get The Forgotten King I can better tag you when we do a hangout game!


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