Roll20 Tokens: Monstrous Characters Volume 1

So Brannon Hollingsworth has taken some of our art and made it into a set of Roll20 tokens.

First set is "Monstrous Characters", but I'm sure he'll make more; let him know if there's something specific you want to see (and if need be we could always draw something to add to it).

I recall seeing tokens that show most if not the whole body (and don't have a top-down view, more like looking at a mini or paper mini), so also let him know if you want to see something like that.

You can now get a physical copy of Dungeons & Delvers: Black Book in whatever format you want!

It look a lot longer than expected, but we finally released The Jinni. As with our other monstrous classes, this one is more faithful to the mythology (so don't go in expecting elemental-themed jinn).

After putting it to a vote, the next couple of classes on the docket are the warden (think 4E D&D warden) and apothecary (gotta go see what they're all about).

Dwarven Vault is our sixth 10+ Treasures volume. If you're interested in thirty dwarven magic items (including an eye that lets you shoot lasers) and nearly a dozen new bits of dungeon gear, check it out!

Just released our second adventure for A Sundered World, The Golden Spiral. If a snail-themed dungeon crawl is your oddly-specific thing, check it out!

By fan demand, we've mashed all of our 10+ Treasure volumes into one big magic item book, making it cheaper and more convenient to buy in print (which you can now do).

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