A Sundered World: French Translation

Got a free copy of the French translation of A Sundered World a few days ago. It's letter-sized, which was unexpected (but not in a bad way) given that Dungeon World is digest, and this particular book was soft-ish cover, black-and-white. Not sure if that's the only option, but I'm pretty sure we gave them access to all of the art just in case.

The cover is pretty rad, and honestly I was expecting them to hire another artist for the interior, too. I was kind of hoping, really, if for nothing else than to see how someone else might interpret things (besides a god-corpse). Buuut it mostly has our art in it, though they mixed in art from Player Fragments, too. Can't blame them: the quality increased quite a bit between both books

It's got a dust jacket, which is pretty neat. Wish DriveThru would add in an option for that. Could be neat to print some information on. I should check out our local printers, see what they can do. Sell something with a few more bells and whistles.

I know they enlarged the art in some way to fit the larger page dimensions, though fortunately I didn't notice any decrease in quality (ie, pixelation or noise). So that's good, though we've started doing our art way bigger on the off chance someone might want to use it for a letter-sized book (including us).

Overall the layout's really nice. I don't speak French, so I can only pick out a few words here and there, or guess at the translation based on where it is in the book. I guess Noms means Names. Anywho, here's a few more pages:

Now this was really surprising: a fold out poster map of their interpretation of the Remnants (with the book so you can see the scale).

Our daughter was glued to it for awhile, picking a spot and using minis to try and play out...whatever the heck she thinks is going on, declaring various tables and our piano as different islands. Too bad we don't have a big-ass skull or a decent model/mini of an elemental dromond...

I don't think there's anything extra content-wise, and the art is pretty much what we did, but if you speak French and want a larger book with a few neat little additions, there you go!

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