First Crawl My first ever Dungeon World session.

Mouse Mondays
Our weekly Monday game, where I play a gnome thief named Mouse.

A Sundered World
Any and all sessions of A Sundered World, as seen through the lens of Dungeon World.

Our long-term actual campaign.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
After several failed attempts to get Expedition to Castle Ravenloft off the ground using Dungeons & Dragons, we give it a shot with Dungeon World.
Here is our second attempt at it, with an almost entirely new crew of players and characters:


Pirate Playtest
Melissa takes her own playbook for a spin throughout a Sundered World.

Skeleton Playtest
Melissa debuts as a GM with Dungeon World, while I debut early drafts of our skeleton playbook.

Mummy Playtest
Playtesting the mummy playbook, using Something Stirs in the Blackscale Brakes.

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  1. Just ran my first Sundered World session. There are only two players at the moment - they are a cambion warlock and and a thulid nomad. The cambion's patron is a shattered god transfigured as a pair of hands wreathing a glowing eye. The nomad was once a gatherer of knowledge for a library composed of a living god. The library was destroyed by a squadron of thulid. The nomad carries with him a piece of the library, and intends to grow it again in a safe corner of the universe. The remainder to the session included the theft of a sky ship, a fight with hounds, landing on a massive fragment fashioned from a dead spider god, a city carven into the spear which impales the spider god. Great time.

    1. @Lane: This was buried in the Spam comments for some reason. I really need to check them more often because I found a few others... >_<

      Anywho, I caught the more in-depth play report in the ASW community: awesome stuff! I wanna see more!



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