Dungeon World Play Reports

First Crawl My first ever Dungeon World session.

Mouse Mondays
Our weekly Monday game, where I play a gnome thief named Mouse.

A Sundered World
Any and all sessions of A Sundered World, as seen through the lens of Dungeon World.

Our long-term actual campaign.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
After several failed attempts to get Expedition to Castle Ravenloft off the ground using Dungeons & Dragons, we give it a shot with Dungeon World.
Here is our second attempt at it, with an almost entirely new crew of players and characters:


Pirate Playtest
Melissa takes her own playbook for a spin throughout a Sundered World.

Skeleton Playtest
Melissa debuts as a GM with Dungeon World, while I debut early drafts of our skeleton playbook.

Mummy Playtest
Playtesting the mummy playbook, using Something Stirs in the Blackscale Brakes.


  1. Just ran my first Sundered World session. There are only two players at the moment - they are a cambion warlock and and a thulid nomad. The cambion's patron is a shattered god transfigured as a pair of hands wreathing a glowing eye. The nomad was once a gatherer of knowledge for a library composed of a living god. The library was destroyed by a squadron of thulid. The nomad carries with him a piece of the library, and intends to grow it again in a safe corner of the universe. The remainder to the session included the theft of a sky ship, a fight with hounds, landing on a massive fragment fashioned from a dead spider god, a city carven into the spear which impales the spider god. Great time.

    1. @Lane: This was buried in the Spam comments for some reason. I really need to check them more often because I found a few others... >_<

      Anywho, I caught the more in-depth play report in the ASW community: awesome stuff! I wanna see more!


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