The Skeleton - A Dungeon World Playbook

Get up lazy bones, you've got work to do!

Whether you are a necromantic experiment gone wrong, a soul that escaped Death's grasp, or something else entirely, the skeleton is a chance to play something out of the ordinary...or maybe to give an unfortunate character a second chance.

Though made of bones you are as hard as nails, using a Bones mechanic to reduce damage, create weapons, take control of other skeletons, help out its allies, leap from shadow to shadow, pick locks, and more.

There are also a few extra pages that give you some added insights about what we learned during our playtest, what various mechanics mean, and even some extra moves that did not quite make the cut.

Will things work out better this time? Will you avenge any wrongs? Will you spare someone from a similar fate?

Roll the bones, and play to find out what happens.



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