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Sunday is one of my normal D&D game nights, but since I have to close, Adrian wanted to run a late-night game yesterday to make up for the soon-to-be-lost time. Since we werent going to start anything until Jennifer got off work, he wanted to swing by a game shop that I'd noticed awhile back en route to Carl's Jr: Knightfall Games. I decided to tag along since Power Cards were out, and I'd had a string of bad experiences at Rainy Day Games.

My experiences with Rainy Day Games have in general run from tolerable to not-good. One of the employees is somewhat confrontational and reminds me of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. I could go into specific examples, but a more entertaining approach is to just watch episodes of The Simpsons that feature him in it at all. Its both annoying and a bit unnerving.


First impressions are important, and Knightfall Games made a very big impression before I'd entirely stepped through the door. Chris Slovick, the owner, immediately set upon Adrian and myself with greetings and an extremely helpful tone. This I cannot stress enough: this guy defines the term friendly. He wanted to know if we were looking for anything in particular, showed us all the display cases with D&D minis, where the D&D swag was, if we'd already gotten PH2, tables loaded with terrain, and offered to let us set up a game any night we pleased (including allowing us to use hand-made tiles that looked similar to Dwarven Forge).

He was friendly, helpful, and offered discounts. I'd suspected this was because we were first-timers there, but when we went back to play our game I overheard him offering other people discounts on paints, brushes, whatever. He also participated actively in games being played, which bridged the gap at other game stores where the guys "just work there".

The store isnt terribly large, but has three game tables with modular terrain for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 setups, as well as smaller tables for card games and the one we used for D&D. Though there were a lot of people there, I didnt feel crowded. Jennifer seemed put off because of all the people, but thats natural in a new surrounding with a shitload of strangers in their own worlds playing their own games.

This is the kind of store that makes me want to go back for the environment. I feel like I could meet a lot of interesting, nice people there, and most importantly I feel like I'm wanted there for more than just my patronage. If you're in the Portland area this is defintely the place to go.

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  1. Just gotta chime in and say, whoa! Same thing I tell my friends about Knightfall vs. Rainy Day. I just don't like the dudes at Rainy Day and they haven't really done anything to me directly but they have some sort of weird attitude that puts me off. Chris though is a cool guy and his store is very inviting. Waiting for Monday's shipment so I can get my Castle Ravenloft on.


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