Character Generation

This is a nice frame to work with if you are teaching D&D to complete RPG newbies: essentially, you take the character creation process and break it down into a series of generalized questions to help a player arrive at a character that--more or less--fits what they are looking for. Though the article is intended to "teach young gamers", I suspect most groups operate like this. I know during the D&D panels at MewCon 2010 I did, as it was much quicker than having each player rummage through books trying to arrive at something satisfactory.

As an side, I will disagree about foregoing the 1st-level feat: some of them are just too damned awesome to delay (especially superior weapons/implements, or stuff like Hellfire Blood and Imperious Majesty).

Anyway, I'd heard that WotC was going to roll out weekly articles, and while this had some really good pointers (and is also free), I'm honestly hoping for more substantial articles than this.

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  1. I really wish they just would not put out so many free articles. Makes me wonder if my subscription is worth it D:


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