DM Screen, Deluxe Edition Overview

What elevates the Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen above the normal, non-deluxe fare? Well...nothing, really. I mean they're both the exact same height and width, and both feature most of the same tables, if positioned and/or sized differently. When I say most, I mean that the "deluxe" iteration is missing the recommended damage-by-level table, and there aren't any page number references. On the other hand, DC's for common skills breaks things up by skill a bit more clearly and has more to offer, as does the panel dominated by conditions.

So, the new one doesn't exactly strike me as "higher quality", and certainly doesn't sport any features that the first one didn't. It just has all the current rules and has better art on the player's side. If you DM and like DM screens, it's definitely a great buy, especially at only ten bucks.

1 comment:

  1. I like the art, but I pretty much built my own screen with transparent sleeves for art, or maps, that can be swapped out to fit the session I'm running.


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