Dragon 400's Table of Contents

June's issue of Dragon looks densely packed; scoundrel, hybrid, and multiclass playtests, shadow themes, shadow-themed Bazaar of the Bizarre, an article on the Iron Wolf barbarians (with their own theme), Strength-based cleric options, and a bunch of articles from past issues of Dragon, such as Dragonchess, kobolds, and the jester. Personally I'm looking forward to the article on the Iron Wolves, as I'd like to see WotC flesh out the implied setting some more to provide a better foundation for homebrew campaigns, though I'm curious if and how they are going to change up the past articles (namely the limb-loss table and jester).

Apparently in Dungeon they are going to start the arduous process of updating old monster from Monster Manual and "giving them the Monster Manual 3 treatment", starting with wights and ghosts. There's also a few Shadowfell adventures, Creature Incarnations, and a Dark Sun article that I hope will be relevant to my homebrew. On the topic of homebrews, I'm actually anxious for the Eye on Eberron article feating Zarash'ak, as that's where I left off my last campaign that I'll probably just start over with a new group.

Surprisingly people on the forums seem to be almost universally pleased by this, including posters that were just yesterday deriding the staff as--to put it kindly--stupid, willfully ignorant, and making changes just to "leave their mark on the game". I take an ironic sort of comfort in that they aren't apologizing for their hostility, and find it funny that some people apparently just assumed that the staff over at WotC either isn't listening, doesn't know what the fuck is going on, or makes changes just to piss people off.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the update of the MM, can't fucking wait


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