Dragon's-Eye View: The Making of an Owlbear

It has been hard keeping up with a homebrew campaign, a homebrew ruleset, blogging, and...well...Diablo III, so I will try to keep this brief:

I prefer the first owlbear he pitches, as it looks more bear than...gorilla, I guess? Do not get me wrong, the second one certainly looks menacing, even if it seems to be cribbing the krenshar's shtick. It just does not look like either what I have come to expect, or what I would expect.

Of course, assuming I am correct with the whole "made by a wizard" origin, there is always room for an owl-gorilla hybrid. I wonder what it would be called, though? Owlape? Owlilla? Holy-crap-I-soiled-myself? The art on both is great. More than a few steps up from what I have seen, and I hope that that quality persists.


  1. Well, Owlphants already exist. :D

  2. I really liked Track 2, mostly for the pose. The hunched over look makes it look like a bear and the wider pseudo-wings give it the appearance of being larger. I don't like that Track 2 has balled up fists though, those should be flat on the ground and possibly more like paws.

    Standing on the hind-legs like in the pose for Track 1 just looks unnatural and odd. It should be able to do so, like bears, but the pose of Track 1 almost looks like it's bipedal and walks around on its hind-legs.

    Not sure on what I think of the skull as beak thing either. Kind of interesting, but not what I think of for Owlbears. Maybe an actual beak in the shape of a bear skull would be better? :/

  3. Someone on RPG.net pitched the gorillowl.

    Anywho, I chose 1 because I just barely preferred it over 2, though I agree it should be more bear-like in its posture. I remember really liking the look of the ones from that old Tower of Doom arcade game.


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