Dragon's-Eye View: Making of an Owlbear, Part 2

Another encounter with owlbears? At least, to a point, it indicates that they are paying attention.

I never really liked the whole "a wizard did it" treatment. Not just because I have no seen magic that let a wizard fuse two things together--which could be pretty awesome--but because it also seems lazy. Even so I like Oldgrump and his sasquatch-like gait, while the beak on Longbeak does not make me think of owl (even though it matches what we have seen), and Tallgrizz's action-hero pose seems kind of out of place.

Out of track 2 I actually kind of like Screecher. I could see it as an owlbear-variant, but I think I would actually prefer it as another monster entirely. While I do not particularly care for the Gorillowl, to me it looks more like result of a wizard's experimentations or bizarre magical mutations. Again I would prefer something else for the "core owlbear", but could see room for both.

The "Grizzowl" is basically exactly what I want: it looks bear-like, dangerous, and seems to walk mostly on all four legs. My only problems are that it looks too expressive (like, sinister), and I guess the beak could be a bit bigger, though I can still easily imagine it mauling adventurers to death with just its claws, chowing down, and then barfing up massive pellets later.


  1. maybe its just me, but when i hear owlbear, i think of a beast thats more owl than bear... now if it was called bearowl then i would imagen it as depicted in the sketch above.

  2. I made a spell for this very pupose


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