Dragon's-Eye View: Short People

When I said I was hoping for insanity-inducing artwork, I was not expecting this.

In all seriousness I am not sure where I stand. While they do look friendly, folksy, and cute, the large head and tiny feet also makes them look top-heavy, like they would have a difficult time staying upright (which contrasts with their Dexterity bonus). They also look very cartoon-y, like something you would expect from a Disney or Pixar flick. While not inherently bad on its own, it might contrast poorly with the overall look of D&D.

Seriously, I can imagine a "Pixar presents" caption.

From head to waist they look fine, though the broad face and large nose makes me think of gnomes. Really the main thing that seems off are the tiny feet. I would bulk up the legs, maybe reduce the head a bit, and then see what people think.


  1. It is rumored that Disney will be buying Hasbro, so...

  2. On a more serious note. I guess it would be best to leave such types of halflings as a subrace and do others akin to 4e halflings and such.


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