Thunderspire Labyrinth: The Horned Hold Map, Take 2

Here is yet another updated map of the Horned Hold, for my two-thirds complete 5th Edition Thunderspire Labyrinth conversion, courtesy of Victor.


  1. Thanks.... very much appreciated

  2. Christopher DunningApril 17, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    This is all amazing work! Thank you so much for your generous creativity.

    I'm an old 1E D&D player that hasn't played since 1983 or so. I downloaded and am loving the D&D Next playtest, starting to DM with my son and daughter playing PCs.

    In looking for Adventures I found your "Keep on the Shadowfell" rewrite (which is awesome!) and that led me here when you mention the Thunderspire Labyrinth as a possible follow up adventure.

    So, I have a question about your Thunderspire Labyrinth rewrite (filename = "thunderspire_labyrinth_part_2.pdf").

    In "Part 3: The Seven Pillared Hall" you have a full description of the Seven Pillared Hall, including numbered buildings within the hall (e.g. "1. Customhouse" and "3. The Gorging Gorgon" etc.) but I can't find the corresponding map of the Hall.

    There is a small graph paper map ("seven-pillared-hallSMALL.png"), but it is not labeled with numbers for the different buildings. Am I missing something? Or is the full map with numbered buildings not finished yet?

    Again, you are very generous and do wonderful work, so I'm really just asking if I'm missing a document that is available, not asking for one to be created.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks! It is always nice to see people appreciating and using the stuff I make, which also makes it suck that my part 3 is on the back burner while I work on submissions for Grim Portents, A Sundered World, and my homebrew setting.

    Related question for you and anyone else that sees these comments: would you be interested in my notes and maps for Epiro and/or A Sundered World? Josh and I are cranking out a bunch of content for it, and I figure that I could churn out a few adventures, or at least dungeon sites to help support it.

    At any rate, I *think* the idea was to have Victor make that into a good map, and it probably just got overlooked. I will ask him about that and see if we cannot upload it by the weekend. :-)

    1. Hello, this is a great rendition of the Horned Hold and would love to use this in my game. Do you have a copy of this with no location numbers by chance that can be downloaded? I looked everywhere and did not see one and was wondering?

      Thanks so much. You have a great talent.

    2. Hi,
      I lost all of the maps I made back in 2013 when my computer crashed. Unfortunately, I did not keep any backups.

  4. Crap, all the maps I could find were the maps for Shadowfell Keep, Shadowfell Keep's catacombs, and the kobold cave. >_<


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