Wandering Monsters: Demonic Cults

And here I was thinking that we would not get a Wandering Monsters article today. What is even more surprising is that I like a lot of what it has to say (in particular the entries on Demogorgon and Baphomet); though only a few paragraphs, each type of cult has its own defining word--madness, destruction, and decadence--as well as a solid foundation to build adventures on.

The Cthulhu association with Demogorgon is an angle I had never considered before, despite the fact that he is apparently allied with Dagon to some capacity. I dig it, but then I tend to dig many things associated with the Cthulhu mythos.

Demogorgon's appearance has changed several times over the editions, and I am hoping that they keep the more recent renditions, namely this one:

Despite running a Greek-themed campaign, I had not given much thought to Baphomet until now. I love the adventure seed of cultists abducting people in order to ceremoniously murder them in a maze, and will fit that in at some point (though I might have the characters captured, too).

The bit on Graz'zt is the weakest, but still delivers some solid flavor on the sort of things his cultists might do. If nothing else is presents a good argument on why a nice chunk of tieflings might have similar traits, maybe even a thematic warlock pact.

All in all I think that this was a pretty good article. I like the direction they are heading, and each of them has given me a clear idea of how I might use them in my campaigns.

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