Numenera: Meet Ort

Ort is a charming nano who exists partially out of phase. He is also not human.

It looks like in a couple weeks I will get a chance to play Numenera. The original plan was for me to start running something after Epiro wrapped up, but Randy wants to take a stab at it and I am more than happy to let him sit behind the screen for awhile.

So what to make? Though there are only three types, there are plenty of descriptors and focuses that you can mix and match in order to add more diversity. All the same there were already a pair of nanos, so I originally chose jack partially for variety, partially because it seemed to play well with existing partially out of phase. However this changed once I started trying to envision what my character looked like, or more accurately what it was.

The default assumption is that characters are human, or mostly so. There are some optional rules for varying degrees of mutations (cosmetic, useful, etc) and alternate races. The problem, for me anyway, is that the other race examples are basically a fish person and a bulky, six-eyed person. Given that the game takes place a billion years in the future after alien visitors, dimensional exploration, genetic mutation, probably evolution and more,w I wanted to think outside the humanoid box.

What I came up with is Ort, a kind of jellyfish-octopus hybrid looking thing.
He (it?) crawls around on numerous tentacles that he can also use to manipulate things. Rather than eyes he just kind of has patches on his skin that allow him to see. For an added twist I chose to make him charming, but since I could not find any jack tricks that synced with it ultimately changed his type to nano. Since he lacks a face I took the hedge magic esotery so that he could generate emoticon-like images to help convey emotions, and onslaught so that he can just zap you.

And there you have it. I think he fits the theme of Numenera really well: unknown and strange. What do you think?


  1. It shouldn't matter what other people think, except for the GM. Have fun with it.

  2. Very cool. Ive been wanting to have a crack at a numenera game, and im glad to see s omeone post ideas about it...

  3. @Anon1: I hope to. It was either this or a kind of "tree-robot". I just need to give him a unique voice.

    @Anon2: Since I was going to run my intention was to post maps and content from my own homebrew world. I might still do that, but will definitely be posting play reports.


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