Returning to the Mines of Madness

Years ago I ran an Eberron campaign steeped in Lovecraftian horror. Not only did adventure titles play off of one of Lovecraft's stories—At the Mines of Madness, The Shadows Under Greyshore, etc—but they featured people twisted by alien energies, phasic denizens from another dimension, strange, alien ruins, tentacled horrors, and cultists that worshipping god-like, thankfully imprisoned ancient ones.

Back in May I posted an idea I had about translating the Star Wars universe into more a more...traditional fantasy setting, also with Lovecraftian elements. It garnered quite a bit of traffic, but Josh and I were—and still are—busy with A Sundered World (which has its own bits of Lovecraftian influence).

Even more recently Josh and I have been trying our hands at charging people for our ideas, and while kicking around some ideas he suggested that we adapt both my Eberron campaign and the Star Wars idea into a kind of adventure path for something besides 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Of course I agreed: I loved running that campaign, all things Lovecraft, and would already be running a similar campaign in either Dungeon World or possibly even FATE if the last one had not given Beth nightmares/we had enough players to justify another game-day.

Given that Dungeon World does not play well with a pre-structured plot, the current plan is to take all the adventures I had written and reduce them to locations, fronts, and dungeons in a single package. This way a GM can determine which stuff she wants to use, when and if the other elements come into play, and the story can grow more organically from there. This is largely how we wrote Something Stirs in the Blackscale Brakes and If These Stones Could Scream, and currently how we are mostly organizing A Sundered World (Josh swears he will have an article on Asmodeus up soon).

One thing that would be handy to know is if you bought our adventures, what did you think? Was it worth the money? Was it well-organized? Did you feel like there were things missing? What kind of stuff do you want to see in a Lovecraftian adventure? Lemme know in the comments, or even tag me on G+ if you want to keep it private.


  1. I love this! Could you write it for Tremulus, rather than dungeon world? it's way more appropriate for horror.

  2. I have heard of tremulus several times but do not own it (and I have been told I should get it): is it not an Apocalypse World game? If so then it should be an easy manner to translate it over, or is there something about it that makes it more suited than Dungeon World would be?


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