Eldritch World: The Chosen of Ayash

Ayash, the Glorious Life-Giver, the Shining Healer, the Radiant Shield. 

First, she gave birth to the world; then, to everything that lives. She crafted the first race to be guardians over her creation. Finally, exhausted from her labors, she slept. As she slumbered, ancient and malicious creatures happened upon her works, and in their envy fought each other for them.

Those that gazed upon the creatures were driven mad or died, and entire buildings were crushed underfoot with each great stride. The first race cried out to Ayash for salvation, but when she did not answer many turned to their destroyers for mercy, praying and offering up their own as grisly sacrifices.

Ayash awoke to horror and bloodshed. Chaos scarred the landscape; everywhere she turned her precious children were dead or dying. Enraged, she fought the ancient ones, hoping to save the last of the faithful. In the conflict she was greatly wounded, and in a desperate act was forced to consume her world and all that she could not save in unchecked, purifying fire.

Her enemy being vanquished, she wiped the ashes clean and scattered them to the heavens. She blew on the embers of the world, and her breath did create new life. The second race was not as carefully or skillfully wrought as the first, but it would have to do. Wounded and weakened, she again rested.

Ayash is one of the key gods in Eldritch World. Though she used to be a great, golden beacon she has exerted herself greatly; her size is much reduced, and her light dimmer and crimson. Her priests wear red and gold robes, representing both her current form and her lost glory. While Ayash rests they bring her light to the darker regions of the world, healing the sick and wounded, and remaining ever vigilant for evil undead, demons, and cults dedicated to the ancient ones.

You can check out the current version of the sun priest playbook here. I wanted something that operated differently than the cleric, something less pseudo-Vancian and more tightly themed. As usual please take a look and let me know what you like, dislike, what you would add or change (you can leave comments directly in the Google doc). I plan on making more cleric-ish playbooks for this setting and A Sundered World, so it would be helpful to know if the mechanics properly convey the fiction.

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