A Sundered World: A Big-Ass Preview

Interested in A Sundered World? Want to see some 240 pages of what I got so far for the Dungeon World version? I am going to make it a point to post an updated version each week just to let people know where I am, as well as to gather as much feedback as possible before it goes to Kickstarter.

I tried to clean the doc up, but there are a lot of blank spaces (cast, places, location moves, impressions, etc), moves that could stand for refinement (the Arsenal chapter is cluttered with stuff that I am trying to organize and flesh out), and possibly some text that I pulled from somewhere else to serve as a placeholder.

Check it out and let me know everything: what you like, what you hate, any suggestions, and questions (because there is probably some information that I take for granted and either leave out or not explain very well). If you see a blank spot, then I did not get to that part, yet.

You can post comments here, on the pdf, or hit me up on G+ (especially the Sundered World community).

Thanks in advance! This thing is almost ready to go.

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