Dungeons & Delvers: Frost Giant Art

B&W art for the frost giant:

Giants in Dungeons & Delvers are intended to be fought alone, possibly with other, lesser creatures helping them out. It is because of this that each of their attacks not only affects an area, but targets have to make a save for half damage (rangers luck out in that the Giant Slayer talent lets them completely avoid their attacks on a successful save).

They can also trample just by moving, so spreading out is your best bet to avoid having the entire party crushed and clobbered at the same time.

By default frost giants radiate intense cold, causing creatures that get to close to gain cold vulnerability. This makes targets more susceptible to their black ice weaponry, as well as their frost breath if you the GM are willing to up their XP value (a lot of Red Book monsters let you customize them by upping their XP).

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