Dungeons & Delvers: Giants

All of the giant art for Dungeons & Delvers: Red Book. We didn't do hill or storm giants, because the former I think can be covered pretty well by ogres (maybe adjust their level and/or size), and the latter feel like a slight variation of a cloud giant (which can already create storms and shoot lightning bolts).

One of the giant flavor bits is that you can give them unusual features, so we added bird-like features to this particular cloud giant for obvious reasons.

Be easier to convey this when Melissa colors it, but she's heating up the rock before throwing it, which will modify the rock throw attack that any giant can do.

Packing a black ice long axe. Too big for the standard player to use (without using transmutation magic to shrink it down, at any rate), but it can be broken down into fragments and used for something else.

Another flavor thing for giants is that you can give them multiple heads to make an "ettin" version. There's a Bulgarian giant with three heads and one eye, which is what I used as rough inspiration: the eye is a floating stone sphere that can move between each head. They're also said to be enemies of dragons, so gave it some dragon-skin armor.

You can now get a physical copy of Dungeons & Delvers: Black Book in whatever format you want! We've also released the first big supplement for it, Appendix D, so pick that up if you want more of everything.

The first issue of The Delver, a magazine featuring fungal-themed content for both players and GMs (including an adventure in which myconids find religion), is available!

Our latest Dungeon World class, The Ranger, is now available.

Dwarven Vault is our sixth 10+ Treasures volume. If you're interested in thirty dwarven magic items (including an eye that lets you shoot lasers) and nearly a dozen new bits of dungeon gear, check it out!

By fan demand, we've mashed all of our 10+ Treasure volumes into one big magic item book, making it cheaper and more convenient to buy in print (which you can now do).

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