Dungeons & Delvers Product Lineup

This is mostly for April Son, who wanted to know what we have in the works for Dungeons & Delvers, but it might be of interest for anyone else curious what we're up to:

The Heart of Hemskil: Our current focus, a sandbox/hexcrawl/mini-campaign setting with a heavy faerie tale theme. Something Melissa has been working on and off again for a several years. Initially was intended for Dungeon World, but now that we're mostly out of that game we're overhauling and adding to it.

This is partly why it took so long: we wanted to have a solid overhaul of the base game before releasing it. We'll talk about it more, later, when we have art to show off along with some content previews.

Updating Escape From the Flesh Catacombs, Krampus Run, and The Delver #1 to Red Book rules. I also want to update Something Stirs in the Blackscale BrakesIf These Stones Could Scream, and Lichfield (and, eventually, Golden Spiral), though these will be harder since they were originally written for Dungeon World.

In alphabetical order, some other stuff in various stages of development:
  • Apocalyptic Dungeons & Delvers: Got a pretty decent setting bible written up so far, but haven't gone back to it for awhile. Did some art for it, but it's mostly conceptual. Also put some content in some of the later issues of Appendix D, such as the robots, aliens and cybernetic parts.
  • Ashes After Ragnarok: Post apocalypse-Norse campaign setting. Takes place some 300 years after Ragnarok. Have maps and a bunch of ideas (even ran a one-shot in it), but it all needs to be expanded on. Also more art.
  • By Ayash's Grace: A bronze-age/Lovecraftian horror mashup, with the scorched corpses of Great Old Ones orbiting the world like alien moons. Originally inspired by an article I wrote a long time ago that combines Star Wars with Lovecraftian horror.
  • Cowboys & Cthulhu: Weird West standalone game and setting. Also largely in the conceptual stage. Have a setting bible done, but it needs to be fleshed out.
  • Enlil-Zi-Shagal's Sky Tomb: This is somewhat of a reimagining of the Age of Worms adventure path. Basically how I would have handled it, with the party going to the elemental plane of air right from the start. This one is actually almost done, just needs art, some content tweaks (we've playtested it several times) and redone maps.
  • Prehistoric Dungeons & Delvers: Precisely what it says on the tin. This one shouldn't be too hard. It'll be a standalone game with an implied setting.
  • Our own take on a Dracula-themed castle-crawl. Just been calling it Delversvania, for now. This one is pretty far along. I don't have a name for it, yet.
  • I also don't have a name for a necropolis megadungeon, where the party explores an ancient, sprawling city.
  • An adventure where a bunch of mimics and a mimic queen show up, disguised as an abandoned ship laden with treasure. Already ran this, once.
  • I want to do more issues of The Delver, but also want each to have a theme. Next one will probably be psychic stuff so I can roll out all the psychic classes. Each issue needs an adventure, so it's useful for everyone, so I'll need to think on that. Good chance to reimagine various psionic monsters.
There's a lot more, including a bunch of stuff that's basically a one-sentence summary, as well as stuff that I don't want to spoil, yet. As you can see we've got a bunch of stuff in the works: Dungeons & Delvers isn't a fire-and-forget RPG. We made the game we wanted to play for a long time, and might as well share the stuff we've been doing with it!


  1. Wow and thanks for the update. Enlil-Zi-Shagal's Sky Tomb has my interest as would love a adventure path .

    1. No prob. Fire off an email to david.m.guyll@gmail.com and I can send you a draft when it's ready.

    2. Thanks and does this adventure path start at level 1 plus what level does it end?

    3. It does start at 1st-level! Here are some related posts concerning it:


      Not sure how high level it will go. Still got to work on the second adventure. I think it'll only end up being three adventures tops: it's not supposed to be the whole Age of Worms path (I don't think I'll end up doing a giant-versus-dragon siege), but the highlights.

      Something people could reasonably do in about a year, and probably cap at 10th-level.


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