TSR Games Embraces Tradition, Unsurprisingly Enrages Ugly Twitter Psychopaths

Really quick: if you want something similar to Dungeons & Dragons, but which focuses on fun, usability, and quality—yet isn't grossly overpriced—as opposed to social justice progressive politics, propaganda, and irrational, obsessive hatred over mere disagreements and arbitrary thought crime violations, check out Dungeons & Delvers.

Apparently SJWs are upset at Ernie Gygax for something he didn't say. This is unsurprising, as SJWs are dishonest, perpetually bitter, angry, infantile wretches that exist only to spread misery and ruin, and ideally push anyone that happens to catch their impotent ire to kill themselves.

You can watch RPG Pundit talk about it here, and there's also a Twitter thread here, where someone explains that, surprise surprise, the SJWs were lying the entire time (among other nonsense, such as deluded declarations that they control or own "the hobby"). But SJWs need to lie, because chances are they aren't mad at you for anything you actually said. No, they hate you because you're better than they are: smarter, better looking, more talented. You have actual passion. 

Maybe you just...play games, instead of merely talking about them, or pretending to in order to farm attention and donations. Money is also of utmost importance: they love to brag about their money, both real and imagined, even though in the overwhelming majority of cases, when it exists at all, their wealth was given to or passed onto them. This is part of why they waste their time doing what they do: they have no real responsibilities.

Back to the previous point, possessing inferior talent, skill, dedication and so on, lacking actual friends to actually game with: those are all fair reasons to be jealous of someone, and while most people will sulk about it, maybe talk shit about you behind your back, others will actually be inspired. The sum of your positive qualities and traits spurs them to push themselves harder, to improve. Maybe not get where you are, but at least better themselves and be happier for it.

SJWs don't do that. That takes effort and time, time that they'd rather spend trying to get people that are happier and/more successful than they could ever hope to be to quit or kill themselves, or at least be de-platformed or fired from their job. Whatever they can do to make someone else's life as difficult and miserable as possible. Misery loves company after all, not that SJWs are capable of expressing love, or even happiness in the first place.

Going off the Twitter thread, it looks like Ernie simply expressed a desire to make a normal game for normal people, as opposed to various ham-fisted, inconsistent, irrational ideological dogmas pulped together under the thin veneer of an incomplete or recycled game. Smart move.

It also sounds like he's not going to bend the knee, paying whatever lip service the SJWs want in the vain hope that they will, God forbid, leave him alone. Also smart, as SJWs never forgive. No apology is sufficient, not that trying to get you to repent is their goal. Rather it is to get you to admit to committing what they consider to be a crime, a sin, so they can hold it over you forever. Then they just make more and more demands of you, while trying finding other so-called crimes to convict you of.

Case in point:

Meg is disgusting, trying to coerce someone to surrender and obediently recite ideological mantra. Not that this would satisfy her. She would just keep going, trying other angles, trying to push whoever GiantLands is until he dares to stand up and defy her. After which she'll call him a bigot, racist, sexist. A transphobe. Anything and everything, desperately sling it all and see what sticks.

Again, they hate you. You're better than they are. They want you gone, or dead. The only solution to deal with an SJW is not to ignore them—that doesn't solve anything—but to mock them. They are without exception lazy, moronic narcissists with the frailest of egos. Ignore them, and they'll go after someone else, often even each other, as SJWs are also incapable of forging anything remotely resembling a friendship.

But if you hit back, mock them, you present to the world how stupid, irrational, and depraved they are. It will still take time for them to lose interest and go after easier prey (they are hypocrites that only seek to “punch down” as they call it), but ideally others see them for what they are: bitter, pathetic losers without an ounce of skill, talent, or passion, that constantly rely on surface traits like invented sexualities and/or invented genders to push their mediocrity onto other equally bitter, pathetic losers with access to their parents' bank account.

This also emboldens others. They see what you did, the results, and then they begin to stand up. It's like around here, as more and more people stopped adhering to the arbitrary, moronic “mask” mandates, it created a snowball effect. People began learning and using the law, pointing out how they are in fact illegal—as are “vaccine” passports—forcing businesses to stop attempting to impose illegal rules that they never should have in the first place.

All that preamble aside, I wanted to highlight a few posts in the Twitter thread, specifically the ones mentioning sexy artwork.

First off, Lunar Archivist is correct: SJWs are trying to destroy traditional masculinity and femininity. You've seen this already, going back years, in tabletop games, video games, movies, and comics. I myself have dealt with it on several occasions, where hypocrites demand I cover up women, reduce tit-size, whilst simultaneously posting essentially nude men. There are some good examples in the Twitter thread, but here are some more:

Gaze upon it and despair.

Those are from Thirsty Sword Lesbians, something I wasn't aware even existed until RPG Pundit mentioned it. I don't know why people hate on Pundit for purely invented reasons, when simply making one aware of this trash is more than sufficient. Almost all of the book is like that: fat, ugly, greasy things that—given all the deliberate male proportions—could perhaps generously be mislabeled as women.

The sort of quality and style—terms I use very loosely—you'd expect to find not at the bottom of even Tumblr's barrels, but from the waste that has leaked from the casks bloated and broken from inept excess, and accumulated deep within the bowels of the earth.

The game is a sex-pervert's multiple sexual fetishes and, perhaps, fantasies, blended together in a putrid slurry, and sloppily smeared over the flimsy pretense of a game that lacks any of the quality, care, and honesty of even the worst Venger Satanis has to offer. Even worse, the concept can be executed just as easily if not more so in any other actual RPG.

Like, say, about half the stuff Venger has produced. You're better off buying from him as, unlike Evil Hate, he actually gives a damn and features actually attractive women.

Back to Lunar Archivist's point, this is unsurprising: male SJWs tend to be malnourished wimps, whilst the opposite side of the same tarnished, broken coin tend to be hideous, corpulent masses. Both lack anything even remotely resembling talent. But, rather than improve themselves—again, SJWs are lazy—they instead try to convince the world that they are strong, beautiful, intelligent, independent, and capable.

They aren't, and on some level they know this. If they honestly believed it, they wouldn't have to go online and scream about, among many other bizarre things, actually attractive women, women losing weight (the horror), and drawings of attractive woman that inexplicably threaten them. As if men would be lining up for them—or at least get close enough so as to be ensnared by their gravitational pull—were it not for those dastardly drawings!

(This is also why they try to equate genuine strength, intelligence, and beauty with "whiteness": they need the standards to be as low as possible so they can still fail to squeak by, while shaming you so you never even try to succeed.)

But they have no self confidence. They live entitled, meaningless lives with no direction, where little to nothing was required or expected of them. So, they did nothing, and after years of indolent, incompetent failure—assuming they ever bothered to try—have become so consumed by rage and jealousy that they spend all day lashing out at their betters, even though for most I think there is still time to accomplish something of note.

Did this particular iteration of TSR Games do anything wrong? No, of course not, unless you are so detached from reality, so legitimately insane, that mere disagreement and/or refusing to bend the knee and comply with insane demands is a crime. It's not, for now, at least: I know SJWs would love a world where their word and whims are law. They are the would-be fascists, after all.

The SJWs are just crawling out of the woodwork because they're afraid that there's a new contender on the scene. Someone that will make games for the purpose of entertainment as opposed to indoctrination. They've seen how this goes with video games and comics, where talented, passionate creators who focus on the fun vastly exceed them in any and all metrics.

While I don't think TSR Games will make any thing that caters to me—I make my own games that do precisely what I want, already—it's nice to see yet another creator stand up and tell the pathetic throng of hypocritical crybullies no. We need more of that.

Not only is Dungeons & Delvers a game created by players that actually game and prioritize fun, it also features attractive women in the art:

Reject modernity, embrace tradition.


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