Heirs of Prophecy

Like playing Eberron? Like Siberys dragonmarks? Butt-hurt that they didnt include them in Eberron Campaign Setting or Eberron Player's Guide? Then this article's gotcha covered. The first two pages provide iconic character combinations that fit a given dragonmark, such as human fighters for the mark of Sentinel, as well as some brief advice on fucking with Multiclass feats so that the benefits provided better fit the dragonmark you have.

The latter half gives us the heir of Siberys epic destiny, which breaks away from 3rd Edition Eberron's, "you can only take this feat if you haven't picked up a dragonmarked feat already." If you have a dragonmark, you can still pick up heir of Siberys: your mark just gets bigger and you it gives you more shit, aaand I'm strangely "okay" with this sudden change. Heir of Siberys gives you +2 to any two stats, a cumulative bonus on saves if you fail, auto-ress (burn two surges when dropped once per day), lets you keep encounter attacks that miss all targets, and a variable daily that depends on the dragonmark you want. So, its kind of like demigod combined with chosen of what-the-fuck-ever from Forgotten Realms, as there's a level 26 daily utility to represent each mark.

Do they fit what the Siberys marks did in 3rd Edition? Fuck no. The Siberys Mark of Passage doesn't let you teleport hundreds of miles once per day, instead allowing you to teleport 20 squares, bringing along willing allies, and you don't have to see where you're going. Siberys mark of handling is also pretty cool, giving you an extra action to have a companion, summon, or mount make an attack with.

Ultimately, if you enjoy Eberron this is going to be something that at least one player is going to pick up...assuming anyone actually gets to epic tier. >_>

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