Bloodlines of Arkhosia: Dragonfear

So now dragonborn can swap out dragon breath for dragonfear, and I guess losing the ability to belch out a gout of elemental energy somehow makes you more intimidating? To be fair, I can see where they're going with this: get rid of one draconic quality and exchange it for another, and the concept has merit. Dragonfear is a daily encounter (errata kplzthx) racial that lets you hit all baddies within 5 squares with a Will attack that makes them take an attack penalty, and grant combat advantage for a turn. Its keyed off of Strength or Charisma, which is good for a lot of classes, but the passive bonus starts at +2 and never scales (MOAR errata?).

The article does add in five feats that all require it, which give you a bonus against Fear effects, to Intimidate, or even let you regain it when you trigger second wind (which could potentially let you use it twice each battle). The paragon path supplied (fear walker) also demands dragonfear, meaning that its got decent hefty support if the theme fits your character. Since all the attacks are keyed to Strength or Charisma, it'll fit any class that dragonborn are naturally suited for.

Note: I wasn't satisfied with dragonfear at all at first, because the power is black and not red (meaning that I thought it was a daily power). It wasn't until I read the Draconic Rejuvenation feat that made me go back and analyze the power block to see that, yep, it's actually an encounter power. So...I had to rewrite this whole post. XD

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