Updated Shardpit Garrison Map

ThePlaneswalker likes to do maps and make brand-spanking new classes (as well as update this site) and he's really good at them.

Here's my pencil-rough that I scribbled out awhile ago.

And here's his rendition (its even got the realistically thick outer walls!).


  1. Outstanding! PC's check in, but the can't bust out.

  2. Well, they can walk in, but the hordes of mutated soldiers and hounds will try and stop 'em.

  3. What I love about this map, is that with all of those supports jutting out from the outer wall (I am assuming that is what they are) it gives the fort a "spikey", evil look.

  4. I saw them on another map (forgot where), and decided that I liked 'em. :-3


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