Posted by : David Guyll June 10, 2010

ThePlaneswalker likes to do maps and make brand-spanking new classes (as well as update this site) and he's really good at them.

Here's my pencil-rough that I scribbled out awhile ago.

And here's his rendition (its even got the realistically thick outer walls!).

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  1. Outstanding! PC's check in, but the can't bust out.

  2. Well, they can walk in, but the hordes of mutated soldiers and hounds will try and stop 'em.

  3. What I love about this map, is that with all of those supports jutting out from the outer wall (I am assuming that is what they are) it gives the fort a "spikey", evil look.

  4. I saw them on another map (forgot where), and decided that I liked 'em. :-3



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