Dungeon World: The Vampire

The Vampire is now on sale, just in time to still qualify as a Halloween release!

I never thought we'd actually write a vampire playbook, but since I've been doing the whole Expedition to Castle Ravenloft bit everything just started falling into place; all told it only took a few weeks to get it all together, making it I think the fastest playbook we've ever done.

As with The Witch, we did a lot of research on a variety of vampires to create a class that is broad enough to depict the more commonplace ones: you drink blood to reduce your thirst, can gain thirst to heal yourself or gain a quick boost to strength or speed, and if someone takes you down you just get back up later unless they hit you with one of your vulnerabilities.

Just try not to let your thirst get too high: as with our ghoul if that happens you go out of control until you slake it (or presumably die trying).

Since vampires aren't all vulnerable to the same stuff (including sunlight), you choose from three of them at the start. When you run into one you take a constant penalty, and just coming in contact with them causes you harm. If they end up dropping you to 0 (or you come into contact with one when you're already there)? That's it: you're out of the game.

The base class starts with twenty-two advanced moves that better equip you to seduce, stalk, and slaughter your prey, but that's not all: you also get some new weapons, dungeon gear, a compendium class, some extra moves that we just couldn't fit on the page, and a behind the scenes look at our design decisions and some of the moves.

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