Trick-or-Treat: The Skeleton

Throughout the month of October, Melissa and I will be putting up a random playbook on sale, for a random amount and length of time.

This is similar to the Daily d100 Sale we ran during GenCon, where I'd randomly pick something and then randomly determine the sale percentage, but this time the sales will probably last longer than a day.

Anywho, first up is the The Skeleton!

This is the second playbook I wrote. It started as a joke, but then snowballed into a complete class thanks to Melissa bouncing weird ideas off of me while we were watching or playing something.

Since then I've gotten a much better handle on InDesign, so I figured that I should update it to be more inline with the rest of our playbooks (ie, two documents, one digest and the other letter-sized).

So, if you already bought it check it again. If not, give it a look: could be a fun next step after a botched last breath roll.

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