Trick-or-Treat: The Witching Hour(s)

Hopefully you've had your fill of The Ghoul, because now that it has slunk away it's The Witch's turn on our Trick-or-Treat sale!

Melissa ended up doing a lot of research on witches in order to get a list of moves. From there we parsed out the ones that we felt every witch should have (or I guess need to do witch-y things), used the best of the rest as advanced moves, and we think it does a great job of evoking a kind witch that is more inline with its mythological roots.

You can try to foretell the future in a variety of ways (there are a lot of types of divination out there), curse people 'til the sun comes up (though it might rebound on you or an ally, or you will have to give them an easy escape clause), create healing items, brew potions, create magic items, and with the right materials and preparation invoke powerful, longer-lasting spells.

The advanced moves let you help your allies recover faster, make healing items on the go, speak with the spirits of the dead, inflict more grievous harm on people using poppets (and even animate their corpses if you kill them), transform into an animal, gain a helpful familiar, get better results out of divination if you chop up an animal, stir up a storm, and more.

In addition there is some new equipment, twenty magic items (including a lot of stuff on flying brooms), and as with other playbooks there is a section in the back that elaborates on the fiction behind some of the moves (particularly the thaumaturgy move) and our design decisions.

As a sidenote, Drivethrurpg is running their own Halloween sale, so if The Witch doesn't spellbind you (or you already have it), there are some other goodies up for grabs!

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