A Sundered World: Locations, Locations, Locations

Taking a break from the race art, here are some of the location pieces I've whipped up for A Sundered World:

The skeletal remains of Bahamut are inhabited by clans of violent tarchons, great serpents, elephant-like creatures that bleed rubies, and more. This one is nearly done, I just need to add some tarchons to make it clear what the scale is.

Zaradica, a city built within the head of a dead god. It is controlled by angels, who live in seven towers suspended above the city (representing the seven virtues). Obviously this is still a work in progress: gotta finish making the towers look different, add in the rest of the buildings (and their details), and the angel gate.

Barely started on Hammerhold, dwarf capital of the Bhalen'lad Cluster. It's going to be five mountain kingdoms chained to the hammer of the dwarf god.

February Announcements
First things first, The Cultist went on sale (on Friday the 13th, no less). Though it's been very well received, there's been a...whisper of criticism about it.

Second, throughout the entire month of February we're putting both The Witch and The Bard on sale.

We've also modified their prices in our All of the Playbooks bundle, making them just that much more tantalizing than they already are: $20 nets you eleven twelve—now that The Cultist is out—classes, which come with design notes and clarifications, custom character sheets, additional moves, magic items, and even compendium classes.

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