Dungeon World: New Character Sheet Layout

I like that classes in Dungeon World tend to fit on a single page (not so much that they are expected or "supposed" to). This makes it easy to just grab a sheet, check some boxes, fill in a bond or two, and get the dice rolling. I do however have several problems with the standard layout:

  • The ability scores section. So, so much wasted space.
  • The heart graphic by Hit Points. Why is the maximum section so goddamn tiny?
  • There isn't any space for other moves, like variant race moves, multiclass moves, compendium classes, etc.
  • Not a lot of space for other bits of gear.

I'd been meaning to create a new character sheet for A Sundered World, since in addition to numerous compendium classes you get to choose from any race and can opt to choose more race moves instead of class moves.

The Cultist forced my hand, as the moves and cult section were just too damned much to cram on the standard sheet. Melissa wanted to try it out, so I whipped up a pirate version for our weekly A Sundered World campain:

What do you think? Good, bad. Would you want to see something like this for our other classes?


  1. Grain of salt here: I don't actively play Dungeon World, so I'm not sure how this would work in play.

    But design-wise, it's a really solid sheet. I particularly like the pirate flourishes. They're obvious, but don't get in the way of readability at all, which is perfect.

    I assume the whitespace under the starting moves are to add your own from race/multi-class/etc.

    About the only suggestion I have is to make the calculations for maximum HP and Load formatted the same way. I'm not sure if there's a good way to use the whitespace around alignment, but that would be nice too.


  2. @Kinak: It's actually just white space since the Strting Moves don't eat up the whole section. Kind of a "flaw" of DW sheets (especially for classes like the fighter, which barely get anything meaningful).

    But I like your idea, and I'm going to add some lines to make it easier to jot at least the names of any variant moves you take!

    The alignments are an issue: sometimes they're long, sometimes they're just a few words. >_< I could move the text up, but then there might be consistency "issues" with the backgrounds and moves.

  3. I love the format for this character sheet. I particularly like that you added two lines under bond for players to add their own bonds in addition to the predetermined ones.

  4. Would live to see layout versions like this for the standard classes; would also love to see a fillable template version so people could use it for their own classes - great layout :)

  5. @Victor: Exactly!

    @Red Dice Diaries: Form fillable...I dunno. I'd have to look up how to do that. Now, for a normal character sheet, THAT I can do!

    1. David, you can make form fillable pdfs with Adobe Acrobat Professional. I can do those for you if you like.


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