A Sundered World: Meet the Tarchon (And Cultist)

Here's the tarchon, a kind of dragonic-humanoid race born from the mingled blood of god, primordial, and Bahamut (the World-Fish).

Born from bloodlust, tarchons have an almost constant urge to fight and kill. Their starting move has them take a constant -1 ongoing whenever they can see a fight but are not part of it, and whenever something hurts them, they gain a forward damage bonus against them (ie, its a one time thing).

Other race move allow them to deal more damage and ignore the weak debility, deal more damage when they take damage and roll a 10+, produce weapons from adventuring gear, breathe fire (and upgrade the breath weapon), and even transform into a dragon (since dragons in A Sundered World aren't like "normal" dragons).

The Stars Have Aligned
Melissa and I held a class vote over on G+ last month, and the Cultist won just a head of the Oni. Whelp, The Cultist is nearly complete; it should be out some time this week. The class focuses around serving a cult, summoning monsterss, dark rituals, and forbidden knowledge. As you level up, you can choose what to improve.

Want your monsters to be bigger and better? Then you'll want Blood Magic and Eldritch Horror. If you seek knowledge, then Dreams will allow you to consult the Great Old One you serve, and Alien Insight lets you use Wisdom instead of Intelligence when you spout lore.

Of course there's going to be some new gear, a magic item or two, and a more in-depth explanation for some of the moves, but I'm also creating an entirely new character sheet design to go with it (since the current character sheet wastes a lot of space on the stats, damage, armor, and HP).

Anywho, here's the cover:

February Sale
Throughout the entire month of February we're putting both The Witch and The Bard on sale.

We've also modified their prices in our All of the Playbooks bundle, making them just that much more tantalizing than they already are: $20 nets you eleven new classes, which come with design notes and clarifications, custom character sheets, additional moves, magic items, and even compendium classes.

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