Dungeon World: The Swashbuckler

By popular demand—seriously, we held a vote over on G+ and everything—here’s The Swashbuckler, our take on a melee type character that relies more on grace and wits than a big-ass sword and heavy armor. I wonder if we'll get accused of "copying" or "stealing" this one?

Anywho, you won’t reliably deal as much damage as a fighter, and what with a lack of heavy armor and shield—and, very likely, a lower Constitution—you can’t take as much punishment. To that end you’ll need to rely on the parry and resourceful moves to stay one step ahead of your opponent, and soak up some of the damage.

This product contains two separate pdf files. The first is a digest-sized, 23 page pdf laid out like the Dungeon World rulebook. It includes:

  • The Swashbuckler, a complete class with 20 advanced moves: improve your fighting technique, goad enemies into fighting you, attract a sidekick, and more!
  • New equipment like the parrying dagger and buckler, as well as some firearms if your campaign features them (note: these were originally included in The Pirate).
  • Two new magic items, including an artifact: do what it wants, and it'll become more powerful! 
  • Seven moves that just didn't quite make the initial cut. 
  • A kind of behind the scenes look at some of the fiction and other content. 

The other is a 2-page, letter-sized character sheet for you to print out and actually use at the table. It features a new layout that provides more room for gear and alternate moves than the "official" Dungeon World character sheets.

Note: If you purchase using the Buy Now button, we will also send you a complimentary copy through DriveThruRPG.




The Kickstarter for A Sundered World is just over half way over (as of this post), and we're only some $300 away from funding (also, as of this post)! There are three big changes to the Kickstarter that I haven't talked about here.

First, you can increase your pledge to get additional classes at a discount.

We're doing this because people have asked us to include additional classes that we've created, like The Bard, The Psion, and The Pirate. The problem is our classes are really popular, and we don't want people to pay for content they already own.

This way you can get exactly what you want at a discount. It should be noted that any classes you buy through the Kickstarter will be sent out at the campaign's conclusion: you won't have to wait for the rest of A Sundered World.

Second, per someone's suggestion, I'm going to write a kind of promo adventure for A Sundered World in time for GenCon. It will be about Lichfield in length (so that ideally you can wrap it up in a couple hours), and will feature pregen characters, one of which will be of a race I haven't talked about before. Everyone backing at the $3 level or higher will get this when it's ready.

Finally, there're going to be comics, short stories, maybe even novels (backers of any level can see the first page). The art is currently going to be done by Melissa and myself, and the writing will be by Brannon Hollingsworth. Everyone backing, even at the $1 level, will get the first comic when it is ready.


  1. Actually... http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/138057/The-Histories-Volume-I-LEmpereurs-Salon ... That product has been on sale since October 2014. Feel free to check it out, and drop me a line with the "Contact Publisher" function. I'd love to see yours, too. Cheers!

  2. @Owen: Oh yeah, fully expect others to have made a swashbuckler. Like, say, a cultist and witch it's a pretty common archetype. I know there's also one in Pirate World.

    I can't find the Contact Publisher option, but you can see a preview of the starting class, plus some advanced moves over on DT.

  3. Yeah, there's not a lot of over lap. Cool Playbook! Best of luck with sales, and with the Kickstarter! Cheers!


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