A Sundered World: A Magical Art Update

For the first bit of art we have a cthon wizard, based on one of Melissa's characters from a previous playtest session:

This wizard differs from the Dungeon World version in a variety of ways. The first, and most prominent, is that there's no list of spells. Instead casting a spell is a roll-and-hold move, and you spend hold to perform various magical effects.

Another major way it differs is a fatigue mechanic: each time you roll to gather magical energy you gain a random amount of fatigue, and when your fatigue equals your current hit points you pass out for a while. Whether you pass out or voluntarily rest for a short period of time, your fatigue resets to 0.

Finally, the class is based around magical languages. This is similar to the backgrounds we use in our other classes, and takes the place of race moves. You start with one, and there are advanced moves that let you improve it, as well as gain one or both of the others.

The next piece is a WIP that depicts a race I haven't really talked about, as well as the Chronometron:

Utilizing the Chronometron is necessary to open up the chronomancer compendium class, which gives you the ability to see the future, push people out of the time stream temporarily, rewind time, move faster, slow other people down, and so on and so forth.

The drawback is that it's also one of A Sundered World's many dangers.

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