A Sundered World: Wandering Wyld & Elements of the Maelstrom

Today we've got another pair of art previews A Sundered World's ten monster settings.

First up, the chapter cover for the Elements of the Maelstrom:

It depicts a battlemind confronting a salamander (mythological, not "D&D-ized"). I wanted to try an angle I really haven't drawn before, as well as showcase the fact that gravity is subjective. So, from someone else's perspective, they're walking/crawling across a wall.

Here's a WIP for the The Wyld Folk:

Here we've got an ogre-class enthollow impaling a fomorian with a massive cold iron blade.

The faerie courts live on what was formerly the moon, which was spared destruction during the Sundering, and they've divided it more or less evenly between the Summer and Winter Courts. Unfortunately, the fomorians followed them, and have taken up residence deep inside their new home.

Their armies periodically invade the surface to wreak as much havoc as possible, but since some fomorians are giant-sized the Summer Court developed something to help even the scale: enthollows.

Enthollows are a kind of vehicle that characters can use, they just need a thoughtroot implant to interface with it. Since you're thinking, this means that "physical" moves like hack and slash will use INT or WIS. Like ships, you can bind spirits or dryads to them, giving them various bonuses or opening up new abilities. Finally, there are several types, but I'm sure people will come up with more later.

And with this, the black and white art is halfway done. Considering I've both been doing commissions and side-projects, I'm pretty happy with how fast I've been going.

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