Channel Divinity: Melora

A whopping two page article that details seven thematic magic items centric to Melora: two weapons, a consumable, one foot-slot, one symbol, and two wondrous items. Just...just ignore the stupid picture.
  • The weapon properties basically let you use some ranged and all melee weapons underwater with a problem, and the activated powers let you either push a target or generate a swirling vortex that sucks creatures towards you.
  • Flamebane bombs do quite a bit for level 3+ alchemy items. They dont deal damage but could be a fucking godsend (see what I did there?) against anything that uses fire, at all: save against ongoing fire damage, deactivates fire auras for a tick, and it can also disrupt fire zones. It does all of these things in a small area of effect. All of them.
  • Surfsurge shoes are kinda goofy: you can opt to slide when you are subjected to forced movement, and can create a wave of rushing water to move you as a daily property. I guess its a new take on an old concept.
  • The symbol of the deep is basically any other symbol, but the daily effect imposes a bucket-full of conditions with a save-ends clause.
  • Battle standard of the tides constantly pushes non-aquatic enemies away, and all baddies treat it as difficult terrain. Its an automatic effect so could be quite handy in keeping monsters away from casters and ranged characters.
  • Now, the jade sea snake is only level 10 and basically serves as a feasible and reasonable plot device to get characters under the sea. It can carry up to six Medium or smaller critters, allowing the party to bring along a guide or whatever in addition to letting you breathe and speak normally. If you have Mounted Combat you dont provoke opportunity attacks...even the snake. Ride the snake.
Its short and crunchy. Good for a casual read and some useful stuff whether or not you worship Melora.

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