Winning Races: Tieflings

Tieflings have been my favorite race (followed closely by gnomes) since I played Planescape back in the days of 2nd Edition, a trend which has endured through each edition to this day. Mostly its the look, though I dont really mind their racial stuff (I havent found infernal wrath to be useless no matter which class I've played).

Winning Races: Tieflings provides three pages of Heroic feats that are mostly useful for paladins, warlocks, and wizards. There are some general feats that I think I might pick up if I ever get to play Kobal again, but the offerings in this article make me want to kick my minotaur tactical warlord/artificer to the curb and roll up a fire-based wizard. A lot.

For highlights, I'm going to have to cite Wrath of the Crimson Legion, which lets you use Charisma for basic attacks and swaps out infernal wrath with a close burst 5 auto-sanction. Diabolic Soul also swaps out infernal wrath with a polymorph daily that changes you into a demonic brute with regen, improved fire resistance and bloodhunt, and a damage bonus. For wizards, we get Wizard's Wrath, which creates a zone that causes any creature to grant you combat advantage and lose all resistances and immunities. Holy shit.

I think as a houserule I wouldnt replace infernal wrath, but instead let you choose between the racial powers each encounter. If its a daily, then you lose them until you take an extended rest. I can see instances where infernal wrath could be handy, you see, and drow get away with it just fine.

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