Harrowing Halls Review

Just picked up a set of Harrowing Halls yesterday, and had time to punch 'em out and see what this whole 3D business was all about. The tiles themselves are mostly wooden textures, suited for interior mapping. This is good because as it stands, there really isnt enough to do buildings justice.

The 3D elements are kind of clever, I think. Most of the tiles have slots that you can use to construct simple shapes like cubes, with the exception of one that lets you build a staircase.

There is sufficient parts to build a few low, square platforms, and I think this is the first set that I'd recommend three sets so that you can get some better height variation going on. The only drawback is that you cant really use the 3D construction tiles because of the tabs sticking off of them. Not that there isnt a massive library of tiles out there that you can use instead, so whatever.

I do like the little "easter egg" from Tomb of Horrors.

Like the PH3, this set tries to do something ambitious, and I'm really satisfied with it as a start. While its not as detailed or "realistic" as DwarvenForge, its got the price advantage by a very, very, VERY vast margin.

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