Winning Races: Warforged

This is a very small article that adds an alchemical theme to warforged in the form of a couple feats and four attachable magic items. Its got some interesting-if-brief exposition along with a few backgrounds to provide a foundation as to why you've got a bunch of vials and shit sticking out of your body.

Mostly, this article is for players that like warforged and alchemical items, which is kind of like another way of saying warforged artificers. The feats either grant you temp hp when you use an alchemy item, or give you a feat bonus to damage with a specific type of energy attack.

The components let you store alchemy items, grant resistance depending on a stored alchemy item, auto-fire it when you use second wind, gain an attack bonus when using alchemy items. Its certainly a focused article, but I find that alchemy items are pretty damned spendy and I'm not sure that its worth the effort in the long run.

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