Adventure Tools Update

Adventure Tools got updated to include both all the content from Monster Manual 3 (including the block layout) as well as a slightly improved interface, by which I mean that the buttons are larger and have text along with the graphic. Everything else is basically the same, until you try to create and/or edit a monster. 

Powers are automatically ordered by either traits or its action-type (if you switch the action type while editing a power, it gets moved to the appropriate category). The power menus also got some changes to reflect how powers are now written. For example, if the power is an attack, there are buttons that let you cycle between the power's hit, miss, and effect...effects. For damage, the drop-down menu has normal, limited use, and none options (limited use actually tells you by how much it is increasing the damage by), and there's also an average damage field to calculate it for you.

Ultimately, most of the changes are just organizational. There's a few extra fields here and there, which might confuse you for a sec but if you've used Monster Builder before then it won't take long to get the hang of it. In the end you get a monster that follows the new layout conventions, and as a plus it automatically updates all the existing monsters to follow it as well. Here's a comparison between the two blocks on one of my custom monsters.


...and after...

The block's a bit longer, but narrower, and for me that's good because it'll fit better in column layouts in Microsoft Word (the old one fit snugly in two-columns, but not so much when in threes). Otherwise, I haven't had a chance to try them out so I can't say for sure if they are more efficient. They do look better organized, though. 

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