July And Beyond

Its a good thing I'm out of school, because the next few months have a lot of shit coming out.

July sees the release of a novel I wont read, Demonomicon, and Tomb of Horrors. I intend on getting a copy of the latter two, but will unfortunately likely only use the last (anytime soon, anyway). I've never played Tomb of Horrors with the exception of a half-hearted attempt in 3rd Edition, which resulted in a clutch of exalted half-dragon kobold monks getting trapped in the first goddamned room. Of course, that was back in the day when mechanics existed that would randomly force a reset, so we'll see how 4E actually, you know, legitimately challenges players.

August is also a big month: both Dark Sun books (instead of one, as it was for Forgotten Realms and Eberron), the Dark Sun adventure Marauders on the Dune Sea, and Psionic Power. Dark Sun by itself is already more than enough badass for the entire month. In addition to it being a very far stretch from your typical fantasy setting, we'll also get the rules on themes. I generally always build characters around a cohesive theme, such as a wizard with mostly fire-keyword spells, or a minotaur with a lot of charging/mobility exploits, but themes give you a granted power as well as serve as prereqs for certain feats and paragon paths. What with all the existing stuff I'm curious (but confident in R&D's capabilities) as to how it will work out.

There's a small chunk of preview info for Psionic Power: a level 29 psionic attack called ravenous singularity, a level 11 attack for the alienist paragon path (GLEE!) called far realm gift, and some features of the grandmaster of flowers epic destiny. While the name probably wont strike fear into anyone without allergies, it does have a lot of movement kickers (never provoke opportunity attacks, and you can move your full speed whenever you are allowed to shift).

Oooh, another minis expansion in September? And its called Lords of Madness? Sounds like I got a good starting date for my Eberron campaign.

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