Thunderspire Labyrinth, Episode 1

  • Ceriok (male eladrin hybrid ardent/fey-pact warlock)
  • Sterling (male vryloka paladin)
  • Riven (male halfling vampire)
  • Reyn (male human bard)
  • Shen (male tiefling infernal-pact hexblade)

A month had passed since the characters slew the dragon leading the kobolds, and defeated Kalarel before he could open a portal to the Shadowfell.

Lord Padraig summoned them and as wardens of Winterhaven tasked them with investigating the disappearances of villagers. The few that managed to evade capture blame a group of hobgoblin slavers known as the Bloodreavers, which are believed to be based out of Thunderspire Labyrinth. He recommends that they talk to Valthrun before leaving to get some more information.

Meanwhile Reyn has arrived in Winterhaven and is searching for something that he believes to be hidden within Thunderspire. The rest of the characters run into them as they are preparing to leave, and so they all head out together after convincing Valthrun to buy horses for some of them.

When they arrive in Fallcrest they split up to try and gather more information. Shen runs into a hooded stranger who offers to pay him well for a control amulet that the Mages of Saruun use to command golems. Riven sees his former family, but evades them. Reyn learns that a dwarf jeweler has an estranged cousin twice removed that stole an immense amount of money for him 20 years ago, and true to dwarven memory is both still angry and willing to pay someone who can find him. They meet up outside and exchange information before proceeding on.

The night before they arrive at Thunderspire a blue dragon ambushes them at their camp, but they manage to convince it to let them go in exchange for 200 gp and a horse. They decide to push onward to Thunderspire to finish resting, and encounter a slave caravan entering the labyrinth, which they successfully ambush. One of the hobgoblins is spared and reveals that the Bloodreavers serve a kobold, and in exchange for his freedom agrees to lead them to the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Next Time: Rendil

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