Rebuilding Thunderspire Labyrinth, Part 3

We ended up cancelling the game again, so I spent some time working on a new map for the Horned Hold because I really did not like the layout.

Here is the uncrumpled sketch that I liked the most:
I just realized that the lower-right part looks like a hand pointing.
And here is what I got so far for the finished product:

I am also axing all the orcs and instead populating it entirely with duergar, devils, and perhaps some minotaur slaves (or allies that have eaten devil or duergar hearts). There are some lava flows and pillars to add something for combat challenges, and a few secret passages to mix things up. The slaves will be kept in an area across the chasm, where they toil in a mine and are used for blood sacrifices when they cannot work anymore. 


  1. Love the direction. I ran these adventures a while back, and like you - didn't care for the awkward story lines, but unlike you - didn't do anything about it. What you have here is golden.

    Side note: I stumbled onto your blog earlier today for the first time, and I have spent the past several hours enjoying each article you have posted. I have since subscribed to your RSS and plan on following you some more. (Missed the mini Orcus when it came out - but after seeing it again, and hearing your review - I took the plunge and bought one off of Ebay, it will complete my Icon collection as well :)

    Great stuff - keep it coming, and happy new year!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. :-) I am almost done compiling all my notes as I did with Keep on the Shadowfell, though this one will have maps and monster stat blocks to go along with it.

    That is one of the reasons I am doing the WotC stuff: I want to actually USE one of the Orcus minis I got. :-P


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