Thunderspire Labyrinth, Episode 2

I cannot even remember the last time my weekend group got together to keep plodding through filtered WotC adventures. I suppose I could just scroll down and check the date for episode one,, screw it.

While wandering through the labyrinth with a bound hobgoblin for a guide, they run into a gelatinous cube shadowed by a dwarf wraith. After a ridiculous battle in which the characters beat it mostly to death from inside, they discovered that the dwarf had been following the cube ever since being digested by it, and once the cube was destroyed it nabbed a piece of its magic armor and drifted off. At least they got to keep an adamantine axe for their troubles.

They ran into more trouble when a group of Bloodreavers tried to ambush them. They managed to talk them down until they noticed the hobgoblin captive, though the fight didn't last long after Riven managed to take down the leader with a well-placed crit. Once they bloodied the warcaster they all surrendered and discovered that they had captured a goblin trader named Rindel. They freed him, and he was more than happy to guide them the rest of the way to the Seven-Pillared Hall as thanks (his fire-beetle driven cart had nothing else of value).

In the Seven-Pillared Hall they were informed by a minotaur sheriff named Asteron that since slavery is legal that they would not be able to simply kick in the door to the Bloodreaver's enclave (but that they could try to sell the captured Bloodreavers to them as an ironic statement). They stayed the night at the Gorging Gorgon before calling it an actual night, with the intention of hitting up the Bloodreaver's next time.

I was really happy with how this session went, as the players are in a very unique situation. First they cannot just go to the authorities, as slavery is legal and the actual powers are enigmatic wizards with a horde of programmed golems to enforce their will. Second most of the inhabitants of the Hall are denizens of the Underdark or otherwise montrous; bugbears, orcs, and goblins, with a good deal of dwarves but only a handful of humans and the like.

I am really curious to see how they handle the problem, as well as if Shen is going to try and get his hands on a control amulet.

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