DDN Blog: Paladin Versus Cleric

As I said the last time paladins and clerics were brought up, on the concept level they are both very similar. A previous blog post stated that the paladin feels more martially inclined than the cleric, and that they are "exploring" the creative and mechanical space between the cleric and fighter.

A good idea, but only if the end result is not something that can be cobbled together by building your own cleric/fighter. Reading this post it seems like they are trying to ensure that it is not so easy, but I do not think that highly situational benefits are the way to go.

In 3rd Edition paladins got few alignment based class features--sensing and smiting evil--but also Charisma-based save bonuses and healing, the ability to summon a magical horse, remove diseases, a reduced ability to turn undead, and low-level divine magic. Personally I do not think that alignment-based bonuses are the way to go, and I am surprised to see that they are considering giving the paladin more, as well as still emphasizing the special mount.

I am guessing that with lots of evil-thwarting goodness that the paladin is intended to be "better" than normal when fighting them. Does that mean she will have the expected output against Neutral, or even Good opposition? In other words, will it make her outclass the rest when it comes to fighting evil? Will she still be able to meaningfully contribute otherwise?

I also do not think that paladins should be automatically good at mounted combat, as mounts can be tricky to work into a campaign (as well as maintain). I would rather have a class feature option, or a feat or talent tree. With a retraining mechanic players could even test it out and go another route if they do not like it. In any case having variant and/or scaling mounts (Defenders of the Faith and 4th Edition cavalier summon mount feats) would be great. 

What I would like to see is a continued focus on melee combat and defensive abilities that we have seen in 4th Edition, including smiting powers that do not require an alignment to work. Perhaps a reduced effect on Neutral/Good guys, like the extra damage might always be non-lethal or otherwise penalize them, so that they can be subdued instead of slain.

I am also curious if paladins will champion gods or causes (kind of like an inverse of 4th Edition blackguards). Regardless, I would like to see alternate class features instead of lay on hands and curing diseases; a blessing of war that gives out a damage bonus, the ability to inflict contagions, extra saves against magic for God of Magic-serving paladins, etc. Having angels (or devils?) pop in to help out as a higher-level option also sounds cool.

I guess we will have to see what souvenirs they get from Crazytown.

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