Dragon's Eye View: Dat Hat

What makes a wizard a wizard? Is it the pointy hat? Is it the robe? Wizards touring around crumbling, monster infested ruins wearing pointy hats and long, flowing robes is about as reasonable as female warriors wearing armor that ensures that their toned, supple vital spots are barely covered.

Your mileage may vary.
As I mentioned before when armor was brought up, I think that what a wizard wears depends on the situation; what are they doing, and where?

I can see wizards in an academy setting wearing robes, probably to help identify their station. Even pointy hats could have their place, given that there are plenty of silly hats out there. Should they be the norm? Of course not. Do not get me wrong I want to avoid a return to Mialee's pouch-robe and Hennet's belt-suit as much as possible, but wizards on the field should be dressed for the occasion. This probably means that they will look as little like a "traditional" wizard as possible, and more like, well...any other explorer or traveler. Given that intelligent monsters would probably treat them as a priority target, this is a good thing.

Really the only common feature that in my mind unifies wizards are their spellbooks, as implements such a wands and staffs have changed in their purpose over the editions, from fire-and-forget tools to actual arcane focuses. Not that all spellbooks need be made of bound leather and paper, or even be books. I think it was Complete Arcane that had rules for making your spellbook out of other things to make it more durable, and I also recall rules for tattooing spells on yourself and carving them into sticks (so a staff might hold a spell, for example).

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