Dragon's-Eye View: Goblinoids, Take Two

Aside from a few nitpicks, I actually like the look of these goblins quite a bit.

I like the bugbear's feet. They look a bit bearish, which is a nice touch. It could stand to look bit bulkier, with a less cat-like face. Also I think its gear should look a bit more scavenged. Well...I guess that depends on if they are working for someone else that can provide quality weapons and armor (like hobgoblins).

With the exception of the muttonchops I dig the hobgoblin, but then not much has changed from previous iterations. They look more civilized than their cousins, and the equipment has its own distinct look.

The goblin looks a bit wilier, and more distinct from what I envision an orc looking like than the first one. Like the bugbear I think the gear could stand to look more scavenged, though I would go a bit further and make it look somewhat cobbled.


  1. I kind of like the similarities in gear between them; makes them look like different races of the same species. Doesn't mean they always work together or anything, but builds on their origins and relationship at least.

    My favourite of the group is the goblin though. It's so easy to make them appear comical and inept. I'd argue the last iteration suffered from this, but this iteration makes them look rather capable and vicious. That's not someone I'd want to meet in a back alley. He looks like the kind of guy who knows how to use a blade and is easily underestimated.

  2. is it just me, or the goblins are starting to look like their magic the gathering cousins?

  3. Always liked Prescott's art. His work on goblinoids in 3.5 Eberron is, to me, one of the best (visual) representations of the race ever.
    I'm surprised how much I like the bugbear. You'd expect a big more bulk, especially in the upper torso, but this works just fine. They carry a sort of intelligence with them, where before it was mostly brutishness.


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