Thunderspire Labyrinth: Seven-Pillared Hall Rough

Here is my take on the Seven-Pillared Hall from H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth. As with H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, I am redoing almost all of this adventure for a D&D Next conversion.


  1. Looks very awesome! What over-all tweaks are you planning on making? I've thought that the H-series had some serious potential, after some tweaking of course.

  2. Oh, a lot of things. I mentioned a few tidbits in my 4th Edition rehashes, namely rebuilding the Horned Hold and adding in, you know, minotaurs (as well as some demonic ones). I am also redoing the entirety of the Well of Demons, as well as Paldemar's motivations (while removing the personalized messages that he left with his minions).

  3. I've played through Thunderspire Labyrinth as a player.
    I like the map you've made and with some tweaks the adventure could also be improved.


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